Pilgrims Journey Through Scotland 

Pilgrims Journey Through Scotland 

by Scottish Tourer February 09, 2022

Travel through Scotland and explore Scotland’s Pilgrimage and the journey through its history from ancient traditions into our modern life. Through this journey you will experience a n array of hidden gems through the landscapes of Scotland, sit in sacred tranquil lands and explore the beauty through a different set of eyes. Pilgrim journeys bring together the travels and the journeys of Scottish Celtic Saints and Medieval traditions alongside modern faith. The journeys themselves can be explored in a variety of ways, via road, bike and walking. This ultimately depends on where you choose to travel to. The bonus of a campervan hire is that you can travel pretty much anywhere and you wont have to worry about caravan parks, hotels or amenities as you have everything on board. 

Which Journey To Set upon? 

There are several different pilgrim journeys to choose from and we have chosen a select few to give you an idea of the routes. 

  • Coast to Coast or the St Andrews Journey is approximately 314 miles in total. However if you begin in Perth from our depot then it will be slightly shorter taking you from Perth to Iona. There is so much history to absorb on this journey as there is a blend of different Celtic traditions from Irish to Pictish and British. The scenery on this journey is truly remarkable along with the glens, mountains, woodland and quaint villages and of course historic churches. Dunkeld is just a short drive from Scottish Tourer and here you will come across the winsome wooded retreat. 

St Andrews church in st andrews

  •  Perthshire Circles or the ST Fillan or St Serf Route is approximately 125 miles in total. Here there are a legacy of stories and a joint passion to ground new faith in places of spiritualism and of modern faiths. They drove a new future for Scotland and to this day remain loyal and devoted. 
  •  The Northern Coasts – St Maelrubha Journey is a large journey, exploring the Applecross to Ullapool section which may be of interest to many of our customers on their holiday as this is part of our west coast route. This journey is one to evoke emotion, time to reflect and to absorb your life and journey. There are vast spaces on this journey which give time for reflection and to truly appreciate what we have around us both in nature and in person. Applecross alone is a quaint village with so much character and creativity that is to be embraced among the modern life we are usually accustomed to. Enjoy the local food, company and explore the churches tucked away in rural life. Mael Ruba was an Irish Saint and a monk who began the monastic community of Applecross in Ross. 
  • The Sea Roads – The St Magnus Journey takes us over to the Island of Orkney and Shetland which are popular routes for many Scottish Tourer customers. They have been part of the Norse world and therefore they share the same patron saint St Magnus. These islands offer centuries of developing heritage, a evocative sense of the natural world and compact journeys. One of the early rulers in the Norse was Queen Aud, she set sail from Orkney following the death of her son, she finally landed in Iceland and build a church here which she held in her heart, plus her Christian faith and so begun the marriage of the two cultures. 

 Scottish tourer motorhome in the highlands

Although religion may not be you utmost of passions in life. We must embrace the beginnings of many of our beautiful buildings and the origins that they have been birthed from. These have led to us developing our heritage and also our stories, legacies and of course faith. Our culture is very much embedded in much of these faiths and religions even if you do not follow them daily in our lives. Take some time to appreciate the origins of our country and the journeys that these Pilgrims set themselves upon. Most of our customers will find themselves crossing many of these Pilgrimage paths without even knowing it and often looking at our historical churches in the process. 

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