New to Motorhoming? 

New to Motorhoming? 

by Scottish Tourer February 23, 2022

That is where Scottish Tourer step in. Its natural to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that is out there about what to buy/ rent/ hire and where is best to go however our top tip is to keep things as simple as possible. The simpler things are the more we can enjoy it and not worry to much about the hiccups along the road (there is usually a few and in my case it usually involves getting lost). 

Road trip map around Scotland
Often customers report that they haven’t hired or bought before as they simply don’t know where to start and think they wont be given enough information. We give all our customers an in depth handover prior to your holiday, allow for any questions and then are on hand when you are away should you encounter any issues. We now also have video demonstrations of all our motorhomes for you to watch prior to coming and this can be watched as many times as needed. This gives our customers the best chance to be able to feel confident when they hit the road with Scottish Tourer. 

Lewis motorhome exterior picture 
Some essential tips for a stress free trip! 


  • Watch our videos detailing how everything works and where it is. This is often the biggest cause of anxiety for customers as they worry it will be to complicated. We try to encourage everyone it cant be that complicated or no one would be doing it. There is no such thing as a silly question when it comes to getting prepared. We would rather a customer asked how something works or where it is as it prevents breakages, stress and time spent out of your holiday relaxing which is so important. 
  • Plan your route now this might take away some of the spontaneity of the trip however if its a first trip it does help. It helps to know how far you are going and where you will park up at least for the first night. This ensures you know there is enough space to park and that you wont be stuck in the dark trying to find a wild camp spot in a strange vehicle and environment. Often our customers choose to go up to Aviemore the first night of their holiday as its not to far away and the road it straight forward. It gives you time to get used to the motorhome and the roads and then make plans from there. Go where you feel comfortable, don’t venture down a narrow road if you are worried you wont know how to get out of it should you meet something. Trying to avoid making situations stressful when they don’t need to be or can be reduced. 

Fridge in the family motorhomes at Scottish tourer

  • Pack sensibly, limit the amount you bring this is something we cannot stress enough. No one needs the whole kitchen away with them on holiday and it creates stress trying to find somewhere to put it. You are limited for space so minimise what you need. Motorhomes rattle there is no way to avoid that but remember things move in cupboards whilst you are travelling so take some care when you open cupboards once parked to avoid injury to yourself and the motorhome. If you require bedding please ensure that you book this as it is not included as standard with our hires and we wouldn’t want you to be disappointed. Shop enough to keep you going for a few days but not a full weekly shop as there simply wont be space to store it and the fridges are not designed to be packed full. 
  • Plan some meals , feeding everyone can be difficult at the best of times and going on holiday is no different. Keep it simple, you don’t want to have every pit and pan out cooking in limited space. We really embrace the BBQ when we are away as it avoids to much cooking smells in the motorhome and you also get to be outdoors even more. With the awning out and the smell of food cooking it can be a really peaceful time. We have a blog on cooking in a motorhome and its handy to bare this in mind as its very different to cooking at home. Please bare in mind the microwave wont work unless you have electric hook up as its a question we are asked a lot.

Scottish Tourer BBQ picture

  • Know where you can fuel, empty and restock along your route. We have maps of most of the fuel stations for both diesel and gas and where you can empty the toilets and fill up water. Its good to have this in the back of your mind as you travel so you know when you will be passing. Nothing worse than having to take an extended trip just to empty a toilet. We insisit all customers to only empty chemical toilets at designated points, this ensures the sanitary disposal of waste, wildlife safety and the enjoyment of others who come behind you. 
  • Reversing is never an easy task especially if you feel under pressure. Take as much time as you need and you feel comfortable with as you want to make sure you are safe first and foremost and also ensure the motorhome is not damaged. This is one of the main causes of damage to our vehicles. Although there are cameras on all of our motorhomes however we always ask you get someone out to check and guide you back. We still do this ourselves after years of motorhoming as sometimes its just not possible to see everything. We have several reversing blogs for further information for our customers. 

A few hints and tips can make all the difference to a holiday. Pack light, travel light and enjoy the Scottish air. There is nothing better than waking up, opening the doors and smelling the sea breeze, hearing the birds and the creaking of the trees. Embrace a simple life and holiday and spend time with those with you. All our motorhomes come with the essentials of BBQ, table, chairs , cutlery , pots and pans. We do have bikes you can hire, travel cots, golf clubs, hairdryers and many other items so please just ask if there is something you would like but don’t have for your holiday. We look forward to welcoming new and returning customers in 2022! 

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