Dip into the beaches of Scotland

Dip into the beaches of Scotland

by Scottish Tourer March 07, 2022

There are hundreds of beaches however we have compiled a list of some of our favourite to visit from experience. This list is by no means extensive but it will give you an idea of what you can see and do on a beach tour holiday in Scotland and the Islands. 

1.    We start in the Isle of Harris, Luskentyre sands are utterly beautiful. This beach is located on the west coast of Harris in the Outer Hebrides. The bonus of Luskentyre Sands is it stretches for miles, take a long walk along the beach , set up your picnic and enjoy the sound of the water lapping into the sand. 
 Luskentyre Beach by Visit Scotland

2.    Off to the Isle of Mull, often forgotten its beaches should not be. You will think you have stepped into a tropical paradise on Langamull beach with the beautiful flowers growing into the rocks, clear blue water and white sand. If your brave go for a dip in the icy cool waters or if your lucky you may catch it on a summers day. The kids will love building sand castles here after the short 20 minute walk it takes to get here. You will appreciate the secluded beach all the more once you have worked up your appetite taking in the local scenary as you get there. 
3.    Over to Barra and you will find Eoligarry beach located up the north of the Island you will be guaranteed to get some amazing views. The beach is backed by magnificent sand dunes and the backdrop of the hills and rocky landscape of Barra. You will find yourself in a tranquil moment sat here immersing yourself in the moment. Close your eyes and take in the noises of the water, the feel of the sand and the noises of the birds. 
 Eoligarry Beach, Isle of Barra by visit Scotland
4.    On the Shetland isles you are never more than 5km from the sea, with that in mind you are never far from a beach. You can take a lovely walk along the sand tombolas, you’ll be hard pushed to find better anywhere in Europe. You can walk over the natural sand causeway created here over onto an island. You can get involved in the history of the island here as theres a sight of an ancient chapel located on St Ninians Isle. 
5.    Back to the Outer Hebrides to Tolsta Beach, this beach is as close to perfect as you will find. This beach is popular for water sports especially surfing if you like some adventure on your hoildays this is a must to visit. You will find a small local crofting village nearby where you are sure to pick up some lovely local crafts and food for your picnic. 
6.    Back to the main isle and East Beach located at Lossiemouth is a beautiful coastal village to visit. The harbour here has two beautiful beaches at each end and theres even a lighthouse to explore so why not get your walking shoes on and enjoy the adventure to be had. 

Lossiemouth Beach by Visit Scotland

7.    If you prefer some hustle and bustle Aberdeen Beach has lots to offer. The shore line is often a busy place with dog walkers, people flying kites and children dipping toes into the water. Theres an array of amusements to be found here and lots of places to eat. Spent a day here and you might even catch a glimpse of the local bottlenose dolphins so be sure to remember your camera. 
8.    St Andrews is a popular tourist location so why not visit the beach here. Again there are lots of sand activities here and you could even have a go at land yachting. If Golfing is on your agenda you can also step onto one of the best courses in Scotland and make the most of your time here. 
9.    Orkney is full of beautiful beaches including the Bay of Skail, although Orkney is a fairly small island their beaches remain fairly quiet even in the peak seasons for tourists. As there are so many located around the island you simply need to move on off the beaten track if you want somewhere to yourself. There are plenty of wild camp spots in Orkney where you can go to sleep listening to the water lapping on the shore. 
10.    Last but certainly not least Camusdarach Beach by Lochaber is a silver sand heaven. On a clear day you can see for miles and enjoy the panoramic views. Imagine sitting outside under the awning watching the sun set? Or why not get up early and watch the sun rise as you boil a kettle on the BBQ. 

Scottish Tourer Motorhome parked at beach front 

Why choose a motorhome?

After an unusual start to 2020 many of us are preferring to stay local, support our country and holiday in our own country. Visit those places you have only ever dreamed of. And all in the luxury of not being confined to one area or place for a week or two. Use the motorhome as your hotel on wheels. What other holiday offers you the luxury of Scottish Tourer but also the flexibility of being able to sleep by a beautiful beach , wake and go for a relaxing morning stroll to stretch those legs. You can also hire a Camper Van with Scottish Tourer. 

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