Campervanning in Scotland: Everything You Need to Know

Campervanning in Scotland: Everything You Need to Know

by Scottish Tourer March 23, 2022

To help campers travelling Scotland for the first time, Scottish Tourer has put together a comprehensive guide on campervanning in Scotland.  

If you’re wondering about the legal rules for campervanning in Scotland, trying to budget the price of a campervan holiday or simply interested in finding out more about the magic of campervan hire, read this article to have all your campervanning questions answered. 


Scottish tourer campervan in the nature during a campervan holiday in Scotland


Why go campervanning in Scotland? 


The UK, in general, is a fantastic location for campervan road trips, but nothing quite compares to the stunning landscapes found in Scotland. With an abundance of scenic driving routes winding through breathtaking hills and along Scottish coasts, you’ll truly be lost for words as your cruise through Scotland in your campervan.  

Scotland is one of the best countries in the world for wild camping, with many areas being completely free and available to wild camp. Campervanning in Scotland gives you the option of parking up somewhere remote and sleeping in your van or folding out the tent and pitching up in true Scottish wilderness style.  

With little light pollution and crisp, clear skies, you’ll be amazed at the plethora of stars you’ll see above. On particular nights in the north of Scotland, you might even catch the Arora Bliss. This is just some of the magic campervanning in Scotland can offer.  

Another bonus of travelling Scotland by campervan is that you can see a lot in a short space of time. Scotland is a small (but proud!) country, and you can easily travel the West, North and East coast, plus some island hoping, in two weeks. Of course, the way you like to travel will depend on how much you see, but travelling around Scotland by camper is the most convenient way to visit the best parts this glorious wee country has to offer 


scenic driving routes to explore in your campervan


Campervanning in Scotland – Where to go? 


We’ve established Scotland is the perfect country to travel by campervan, but this still begs the question of where exactly to go and what to do? Scotland has a lot to offer, so taking time to plan out your route and cover the spots that interest you the most is highly recommended when campervanning in Scotland.  

Although no two campervan holidays will look the same, a few established routes have grown in popularity over the years.  

We’ve listed some of the most famous Scotland road trip routes below and linked a few of our guides (that we highly recommend checking out):

  • North Coast 500 (NC500) - Scotland’s most popular driving route; however, we personally feel it has become too popular for its own good. Expect long lines of motorhomes slowing this route to a standstill if you go in the summer months. The average length for the NC500 is around seven days.

  • West Coast Route – Scottish Tourer has devised an incredible and unique route for driving the west coast of Scotland. Starting and ending at our depot in Perth, you’ll experience the incredible Scottish sights without the heavy traffic. It can take anywhere from 7-14 days, depending on your travel speed. 

  • South West Coast 300 – One of the least popular driving routes in Scotland, but not for any reason we can see. This southwest coastal drive offers stunning seaside scenery on the road less travelled (meaning more freedom for you and your campervan!). Expect to cover this in just 2-5 days.  

  • Outer Hebrides Route – Experience the incredible white sand beaches found on the islands of the Outer Hebrides on this Scottish Tourer campervan holiday route. You’ll experience some traditional island culture whilst marvelling at the beauty of Scotland’s remote islands. We estimate a 10-14 day trip for this route.  

  • The Heart 200 – One of Scotland's newest driving routes that is quickly growing in popularity. See the central belt of Scotland in just 2-5 days, whilst stopping off at some of the top Scottish destinations such as Loch Lomond and Stirling Castle.  


campervan parked in front of a beautiful Scottish white sand beach


Wild camping - Can I wild camp in a campervan in Scotland? 


Unlike the rest of the UK, wild camping is legal across large parts of Scotland. As Scotland is filled with beautiful landscapes and remote spots far from busy cities, wild camping has become a popular pastime for many Scottish travellers. 

However, it’s essential to be aware of some helpful tips and tricks to make sure you are wild camping responsibly, with respectful consideration to the locals and your natural surroundings. 

Here are some Scottish Tourer tips to keep in mind: 

  • Arrive late to your chosen parking spot and leave early again the following day to avoid any hassle  
  • Make sure you have enough food and water with you in case no shops or restaurants are nearby 
  • Be careful what you unpack - only take out the essentials! 
  • Leave no trace. This is the golden rule of all wild camping and campervanning in Scotland. Always tidy up after yourself and ensure you leave the site as you found it.  
  • Take only memories  
  • Consider using helpful apps or websites to find convenient stopping places – UK Motorhomes, Park4Night and Camper Contact are some of the top-rated sites we recommend checking out.

For optimal customer convenience, Scottish Tourer campervans come with a pre-installed database on the sat-nav which is full of places to wild camp.


Campervan parking - Can you park your campervan anywhere in Scotland? 


Parking can be another tricky issue when it comes to a campervan road trip. Yes, you have the freedom to drive your campervan anywhere you want, but when looking for a spot to bed down for the night it’s essential that your motorhome is in a safe spot that is not blocking or obstructing other vehicles.  

You should also avoid private parking spots or “don’t park” zones, as parking your campervan in these places can cause legal issues and unnecessary trouble.  

The best advice for parking your motorhome overnight during your campervan holiday is: 

  • Use paid campervan sites every couple of nights so you can restock on essentials and enjoy greater peace of mind 
  • Park in quiet, remote spots away from busy roads 
  • Use public parking as opposed to private parking 
  • Park off the beaten track  


parking a campervan in a remote spot in Scotland


Parking costs - How much does it cost to park a campervan in Scotland? 


If you choose to park your campervan in an established motorhome campsite, you will be expected to pay a small fee to guarantee your spot and to use the facilities provided, such as toilets, showers, fresh water, chemical waste dumping areas and common grounds.  

In general, these fees are small, ranging from as little as £3-10 per night. For more sought after locations in the high season, you may be looking at a higher cost of £10-30 but it all depends on availability, location and timing. 


Campervan Hire with Scottish Tourer 


Hiring a campervan in Scotland with Scottish Tourer offers customers much more than just the van itself. The Scottish Tourer team has extensive experience travelling around both the UK and Europe by campervan, and it’s safe to say we’ve learned a few things along the way.  

We’ve put this experience to good use and created a host of guides, routes and maps for our customers to use at their leisure when campervanning in Scotland.  

Scottish Tourer has also built-up established relationships with many motorhome campsites over the years and can suggest some of the best rated camping sites in Scotland. 

Campervanning with Scottish Tourer takes the hassle and stress out of your motorhome holiday, allowing you to focus on making the most of your Scotland road trip.  

Please get in touch with us today to book the luxury campervan of your choice.  

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