Family Games in the Motorhome

Family Games in the Motorhome

by Scottish Tourer August 10, 2022

Unplugging and Engaging 

One of the best parts of going away in the motorhome for us as a family is the fact we get to unplug from technology and spent that time doing things together. This quality time together really is completely invaluable to us. You of course don’t need to be a family, couples and friends deserve that time to really spend with each other. Over the years we have tried many games, discovered which are really unsuitable for motorhome life and which ones are really great. Of course there is always one that is always competitive and one who doesn’t want to play when they loose, but that is all part of the fun of it all.

Some of the games don’t need to be spent sitting inside, whether you choose to sit round the BBQ, head onto the beach, find a grassy area or sit cosy in bed, the choice is yours in your campervan. Most of the games we have selected below could be for every group however this will depend on how your group is made up of course.

KIds playong on the beach 

For Couples 

  • Othello will spark the competitiveness in you, the main aim of the game is to end up with more counters than your opponent.
  • Travel Chess is small, compact and will always provide hours of entertainment, whether you are a seasoned player or learning the ropes. Its a great game if you have the time to properly learn how to play it, where better than down by the beach listening to the waves.
  • Dominos is a good old fashioned but timeless classic. The rules are super simple so everyone can get involved. Can be played anywhere and the pieces aren’t tiny for loosing inside the motorhome. 
  • Deck of cards there are so many card games Rummy, Go fish amongst others.  They are lightweight and dont take up much space so the perfect game to pack.

 Playing cards in the motorohme

Family Games 

For older children,

  • Articulate is great, highly entertaining and fun. The aim of this game is to describe words to your team-mate and they have to guess as many as they can in 30  seconds.
  • For younger children and groups UNO is one of our holiday go to games no matter where we are. Its compact, simple and you can make the rules easier depending how young the children are. Be warned however this can be addictive and spark the competitive nature in your family! We speak from experience. 
  • Travel scrabble is another adaptable game and could be based on your adventure. Challenge your family to include names of animals or places you have been. 

Outdoor Games

  • Rounders , get everyone up and on their feet! This can be played on grass or the beach. Or flip this to a Frisbee and get active with your family!
  • Mini sports day kit, it all comes in a handy sized box and will provide no end of entertainment as you challenge your children to the egg and spoon race. Make it as hard or easy as you like. Obstacles in the sand to make it harder for the adults and let the children have a good head start. 
  • Grabbolo is a handy sized travel game. The rules here are simple, throw the two dice and find the right object and the team with the most at the end wins. Be warned though you will end up scrambling on the floor searching for the little figures when you all grab the same one at the same time. 

There are just so many different games, we love monopoly as a family and they also do childrens versions to simplify the game. It’s amazing the learning that can be done to bond with your family through these games and often these are the memories you all remember. So put those phones down and truly immerse yourself with your families/friends. 

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