Staycation Ideas in Scotland

Staycation Ideas in Scotland

by Scottish Tourer August 03, 2022

Scotland is the perfect location for a staycation in a motorhome or campervan. There really is such a huge array of different options from island hopping to city trips. Or why not head on a road trip to the national parks or venture along the beaches. A motorhome holiday allows you to tailor your staycation to your own requrments so there really will be something that suits you and your parties needs, there is really no comparison to the trips and memories you can make in Scotland. 

Beach Holidays

Motorhome parked beside the beach

Scotland’s beaches are really some of the best you will find in the whole world. Now we are not just bias about this they really are outstanding. There is something quite unique and special about finding a remote quiet beach that you can put your footprints on first thing in the morning. The sound of the water washing up to where you walk, listening to the sound of the birds and literally taking in the world around you can really bring you back to the here and now and help recharge us. Often our beaches have lovely dunes where you can set up a day camp to have your picnic, sit and enjoy a tipple or simply a place to watch others enjoy the beach. 

  • One of the best beaches we have found is Sandwood Bay. This remote beach is located on the far north west of Scotland on the mainland. This beach has a mile long stretch of sandy dunes to walk along, a sea stack to marvel at, and it’s one of the most unspoilt beaches to be found. Now this isn’t the most accessible as it does involve a walk of about 4 miles, however the path which leads from the Hamlet of Blairmore is a lovely trip and is really worth the walk. We have found that the walk and then the time at the beach makes a beautiful family day out. When the children were smaller we used a backpack carrier as it is a tiring walk after a day at the beach. 
  • The other beach we really love is Aberdeen beach. This is much more accessible and is a busier more central location if you enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life. You get the best of both worlds at this beach and there is so much for everyone here and lovely places to stop in and eat at. 

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Island Hoping

Scottish Tourer Motorhome on calmac ferry to stornoway


Island Hopping is a really wonderful way to see and enjoy Scotland and all the country has to offer. One of our favourites personally is Orkney, which lies between the Mainland and Shetland. The ferries are readily available which is a lovely part of your trip on the motorhome. If you have for example taken a trip to Aberdeen to the beach you can hop on a ferry from Aberdeen over to Kirkwall to continue on your staycation but you also feel you have taken that trip away. There is an array of history here to explore, a great way to learn about our history, culture and island life. The animals here are a plenty including dolphin spotting and puffins. For those who are less active or less able physically Orkney can offer so much as it is so flat and everywhere we went appeared to have good facilities for those who were in wheelchairs or if you have prams and young children. 

Our other favourite island to visit is Arran. This is a really special place and is a hidden gem of Scotland. There is so much to see and do on this wonderful little island. There is so much fresh local produce to purchase and browse which is a real treat to bring home with you. The homemade oatcakes and cheese and chutney are outstanding. There was something really special about parking up and sitting outside eating the locally sourced food at night under the awning.

Isle of Skye 

If you wish to experience that island life but not as far afield head over the bridge to Skye. This is so easy to get to now with the hop over the bridge. Our favourite place here is the fairie pools. Taking that icy dip is something really special. The cold water and the affect it has on your body is remarkable. Here you can explore the hills by hiking, why not watch the sun set and the stars come out before you head back to your motorhome. There are lots of lovely wild camp spots to be found here to. 
If you fancy a city break before your departure with Scottish Tourer then we have some lovely wee trips we can recommend for you. Many of our customers come via our big cities and it’s a really good opportunity to add some more trips to your itinerary. 

The Outer Hebridies

One of our most popular places with customers and when i visited in the summer it was clewar to see why the sceney and beaches here are some of the best, with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches you would be forgiven if you thought your were  standing on a caribean beach, there is regular ferries to and from the mainland and with a more laidback way of life you really feel like your miles away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland.

City Breaks

Edinburgh Royal Mile

Edinburgh being the capital is worth a visit if you have never been before. The castle, the history entrenched in its wall is a fascinating learning experience. Or take a walk down the old cobbled streets, take a ghost tour or head to the many shops and cafes. We do collections from the main train stations to so if you fancy a day or two here prior or after your holiday we can arrange transport for you. 
Glasgow being the largest city sometimes has more of an edge than Edinburgh for many people. If its art and culture you are engrossed in the Kelvingrove Gallery is a must on the list of to dos here. The building alone is an architectural wonder and is breath taking and a fantastic photo opportunity. There are many travel lodges or more extravagant hotels available in the centre for a night before your holiday with ourselves. 

National Parks

Scottish Tourer motorhome driving through mountain valley

Taking a step back into the nature of Scotland our national parks have some amazing holidays to embrace. 
Cairngorms National Park is the largest park and also hosts 5 out of the 6 highest mountains to be found in Scotland. Here mountain bikers, hikers, hill walkers and nature lovers can be entertained for hours, days or weeks with all that the park has to offer. The whisky distilleries offer tasting and tours, bookstores in droves, wildcats, ospreys and perhaps even some of Santa’s reindeer can be found here. If you have your own motorhome and choose a winter holiday your motorhome can provide the ideal space before and after you hit the slopes!
Galloway Forest National Park isnt the best known national park but we aren’t quite sure why. There are some wonderful paths and cycle routes here for all the family. Providing the ideal day away from technology and offering the prime viewpoints for a memorable picnic. Here the kids can tick of many animals they may spot such as red squirrels, red deer and even otters! The park is also a wonderful setting to watch the sun set and spot the stars. If star gazing is on your bucket list this is a wonderful place to do it. Here they have the Dark Sky Park where they are working towards preserving the environment and keeping light pollution to a low level to ensure the best possible viewing. 
There are so many different holidays that can be had in Scotland. This is even better if you have a family full of different interests and hobbies each holiday can and will cover something for everyone. From adventures in morning to beach walks in the evening. Star gazing with a glass of locally brewed whisky. Family games whilst listening to the birds or water by the sea. To get your next memorable holiday booked get in touch with Scottish Tourer today. 

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