Summer Walking in Scotland

Summer Walking in Scotland

by Scottish Tourer November 29, 2022

With what can be better weather in the summer it really is the time to ignite your love of outdoors and share the passion with those around you. There is something really special about walking with those you are close to and seeing the enjoyment on their faces when you reach the top of a new peak, see an Osprey for the first time, are astounded by a waterfall or just simply watching your children runing through the woodlands we have all around us. Its such a wonderful opportunity to learn, explore and just be yourself with no pressures. We thought it would be helpful for those looking for a summer trip to list some of the places we have found enjoyable and why. 
    Motorhome parked in trees

  • Culbin is perhaps not the best known place in Scotland however that makes it the more fascinating. Here the ever changing coastal forest means that no matter how often you visit things will never be the same twice and you wont leave the same either. There is one trail marked here however the others are not marked and you can simply explore the area. However the route Hill 99 is worth exploring as the views you get out over the top of the trees is a wonderful reward for your walking efforts. It is a relatively long walk at almost 6km however it is mostly flat with some slopes which are easily forgotten when you reach the top. There is a dragonfly pond which is amazing especially if you have never seen them up close with all their beautiful colours. 
  • The Gateway to Queen Elizabeth Forest Park here there are trails suitable for everyone, and coupled with a lovely cafe where you can grab a coffee, cake and a lovely clean toilet. Here you can delve into some of the history of the forest. There are 4 main walking routes here of varying ability and length. The Waterfall Trail is a lovely starting point and is around 2km long. It is wheelchair and buggy friendly for those with those who have young children or those who are struggling on the harder trails. This heads up through the trees and onto a monument leading to a waterfall which is a lovely ending point. There are lots of places to sit and stop or to play on the way. Our favourite walk here is the Craigmore View Trail which is around 2.8km long. Here you gain some amazing views of the Loch Ard Forest and it is a moment of restocking, grounding and just being in the present. I love listening at the top of here and the wildlife, beauty and enjoying the moment. There are lots of red squirrels here which is a lovely sight to see. For those who want adventure and adrenaline there is the Go Ape Adventure Trails which offer that other viewpoint of the area.

Queen Elizabeth Forest Park

  • Ardgartan is home to a wide variety of wildlife including the much loved red squirrel, roe deer, buzzards and owls. These are often nestled in the pine woodlands and rivers. There are otters located in the waters and kingfishers. If you stay in this area after dark you will likely see bats flying low over head which is a nice but often surreal moment. There is a Riverside Trail which takes you on a trail by the beach and the woodlands along the side the water. They offer Motorhomes to stay here so its a great option for those who want to explore by day nad then enjoy the evening in the same place. 
  • Dalbeattie is another less known area with so much to offer. Ther forest is easy to explore and is just beside the town itself. There are ducks and dragonflies to be found on the loch and the sculptures to be food inside the woods. There is a car park in the village and the woods itself provide sustainability for Scotland, nestled behind the forest is one of Scotlands largest Sawmills. If your here to mountain bike however 7stanes has its own carpark so head there for your starting point. Dalbeattie - Forestry and Land Scotland here you will find a route for everyone and it is part of the 7stanes trail centres. The routes are well maintained and really worth a visit if you have your bike with you, especially in summer as you often get lovely weather here and a clear day makes for a memorable trip. 

Dalbeattie Forest, Dalbeattie – Forests & Woodlands | VisitScotland

  • Aros park gives some amazing views of Tobermory. This has been described as the back garden for Tobermory. There are lovely trails here through the woods and waterfalls. There are viewpoints which offer stopping points to discuss and make your next plans for the holiday ahead. There is a play trail here and lots of spaces to have a lovely picnic as there are also BBQ spots here. There are options to fish here if this is your thing. There is again something for everyone here. It is so green, fresh and bright here it will naturally lift your mood and raise those spirits on your holiday. There are a few walking routes available here varying in abilities and underfoot they vary so check before you embark and have to turn back. Not all the trails are suitable for really small children or those who are not steady on their feet. 

Summer in Scotland is green, fresh and vibrant. The unique colours, animals (dragonflies really make some of these routes for me) and the scenery will raise those spirits and bring you together again. It offers so much time to spend and reconnect with your family or friends you are with and share your love for the outdoors, or perhaps spark a love for those who haven’t ventured as far before. There are lots of options to cycle many of the routes above if you prefer 2 wheels! 

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