Leaving only Footprints 

Leaving only Footprints 

by Scottish Tourer December 06, 2022

We have talked a lot before about why we leave only footprints when we stay in an area in our motorhome. And as a family and company we really do feel its such an important issue for so many reasons. 

  • To ensure that those behind us gain the same enjoyment out of the beauty and the tranquillity that most of these spots offer.
  • To preserve our land/country and of course the wildlife that inhabits around the area.
  • To be respectful of land owners especially farmland where we don’t want to compromise their livestock nor their arable land.
  • To uphold the reputation of motor home holiday makers, this really can affect the attitudes of people when we dont adhere to “leave only footprints” when it comes to wild camping. 

Motorhome parked in forest

 What is the Scottish Outdoor Access Code? 

Scottish Outdoor Access Code (outdooraccess-scotland.scot) details in full what is expected and gives up to date information. This explores that you can in Scotland go on most land as long as you do so responsibly. This access code applies to most places we visit in a motorhome such as hills/moors, forests/woods, coasts/beaches, rivers/lochs, parks and some farmland. Those access rights include walking, cycling, climbing, horse-riding, swimming and watching wildlife.

The main principles of the code are, 

  • Respect the interests of others 
  • Care for the environment
  • Take responsibility for your own action. 

There are so many places to ensure that you can follow the code and using those places to dispose of waste responsibly whether that is domestic waste or chemical waste.  Use the link we give you to find motorhome pit stops in you area for disposing of waste or we recommend staying on a campsite every 3rd night so you can dispose of waste. 
The principles are really simple and they make sure everyone has a good holiday, the last thing anyone wants is a stressful holiday and adding to that people who have littered, disposed of waste or left a mess behind. We have often had to spend time tidying up after others and although it gives a sense of achievement it also makes you sad that others don’t follow the “leave only footprints” memoir that we stick by. 

Footprints in the sand
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