First Time Motorhoming Tips

First Time Motorhoming Tips

by Scottish Tourer May 04, 2023

With the new season uppon us we thought it may be helpful to discuss our top tips for those who have not used one of our motorhomes or who have simply not been for a while. It can be quite daunting if its your first time out with a motorhome but just because you have never done it before does not mean it has to be complicated, scary or intimidating. With our helpful tips you can be sure to get your off on your holiday off to a good start.
Lovely sunet with motorhome by loch 

  • Remember to read the collection information, this is sent 2 weeks before you are due to collect the motorhome and contains the information you require to collect the motorhome - ensure you send all documentation prior to collection to ensure a smooth collection and avoid any delays getting away.
  • Watch the handover video so you are prepared for the onsite handover otherwise you may be asked to watch the video in reception which could delay you getting away on time. 
  • The video is sent to you as a link on youtube so you can refer back to this at any time if you are unsure about something, plus we have a floder in the vechile with all the user instructions so you are never stuck.
  • Knowing what you can and cannot use without being hooked up to the electrics. We often get calls to ask why the microwave for example will not work or that the 3 pin sockets wont work, these wont work if you are not plugged into electrics - ther is USB points around the vechile for chatging mobile phones etc.
  • Try not to over pack, the less amount of belongings you have the easier you will make your life on the road. You will not be searching for things and having to pull out lots of belongings to find what you need.
  • Remeber that you dont need to take a full weeks shopping with you, there is local ementies as you travel - plus you will find that you will waste alot of the griceries you buy as quite often you will find you stop and have lunch or dinner out.
  • Ensure you have booked any additional items that you may need from Scottish Tourer such as bedding, bikes, golf clubs, car seats, hairdryer or travel cots. We cant gaunruntee we would have these additional item avalible on arrival.
  • Prior to moving off - we always do a double check of all the cupboards, TV, drawers and switches to ensure everything is off and is closed properly. There is nothing worse than beginning to drive and having to stop becuase a cupboard door has swung open - there is a moving off check list on the back of your instruction folder.
  • Always get a guide back when reversing the motorhome to ensure that you have not missed any dangerous spots, bankings, posts or other even another vehicle. Most of the damage comes from reversing because you have not had a guide back, it may take a few extra minutes but it is well worth those few minutes than having to loss your deposit or return the motorhome early. 
  • Have the first night away planned, even if you aren’t sure or want to be spontaneous it is always helpful to have the first evening planned for when you collect the motorhome so you know where you are heading. Its helpful to get parked up in the daylight for the first evening and then you know you can relax for the remainder and spend that time planning your trip.
  • Know where you can top up LPG gas, empty the toilet, fill up with fresh water etc - you will find a link to motorhome pit stops on your collection information and the LPG gas map is in the information folder in the passanger door pocket.  I would also recommend booking a campsite for your final night so you can prepare the motorhome for returning it.

Scottish Tourer Islay parked outside Ullapool
All of the tips are super simple but these simple tips can make your life so much easier on your holiday away with Scottish Tourer. If you require any other help, please do not hesitate to ask at booking or on arrival for your holiday. 

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