Scottish Foods to Rate and Taste 

Scottish Foods to Rate and Taste 

by Scottish Tourer May 23, 2023

Many of our blogs feature our beautiful landscapes and scenery but we thought that having one focus on some of the more interesting foods found in Scotland would be helpful for those who have not holidayed with ourselves at Scottish Tourer previously. Now taking one of our campervans out is beneficial as you can explore the local regions that produce the foods and then sit outside whilst enjoying the whole experience and taste some of the unique local produce. 

A Scottish Breakfast is not complete without Porridge! Now this may sound rather dreary and dull however true porridge is not only healthy, nutritious but also delicious. The best time of the year to add in the local berries may well be when you are off on the road in one of our campervans. There is nothing more hearty than a bowl of porridge topped with fresh local raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. Many local farms in summer also do pick your own which just adds to the experience. All ages can enjoy this meal and it can be a real conversation starter.

bowl of porridge

Then if your after something more and hotter then of course the traditional Scottish Breakfast comprising of the must have lorne or square sausage, mushrooms, black pudding, fried tomatoes, tattie scones , beans and eggs. You cannot forget your side of toast and a cup of Scottish tea! This is one for everyone to experience the taste sensation and theres nothing like a butchers breakfast pack to ensure you get the best experience. Simon Howie Butchers are local to Scottish Tourer and do some amazing packs to try, or if your on the road in your campervan there are butchers in most local villages and towns. 

One of our favourite places to experience SeaFood has to be the Applecross Inn, now this is a drive and a wonderful one, followed by spectacular hosts and food. Here you can experience freshly caught squat lobster, scallops, crabs and langoustines! They have a different menu daily and this is subject to availability but your guaranteed freshness every time. The pub is quaint and service is outstanding so if your in this neck of Scotland do pop in here.

Fish and Chips on the go eaten buy the seaside is just a memory of summers that stick with us. There are so many fabulous fish and chip shops and also some moveable vans that can be located up and down the country. We personally love Crail Fish Bar or if your on the Isle of Mull the Fishermans pier van is a must!

Cullen Skink is a marmite food but if you get a proper bowl you will never look back, with a side of crusty bread this is a hearty healthy meal that will leave you looking for more! Made with haddock, potatoes and onions it is a local dish adapted over the years by many others. The Cullen in Moray serves one of the best we have tasted.


Haggis cannot be left out here traditionally served with neeps and tatties this is definitely not the prettiest of dishes out there but is utterly delicious with a whiskey cream sauce. The Grog and Gruel up by Fort William are the best one we have sampled. 

If you need a sweet treat, farms dotted all over produce their own ice-cream and we highly recommend the local Stewart Towers to sample or The Arran Dairy on the Isle of Arran as two to really sample. Its so lovely to visit these places and literally see where your food is coming from, Farm – Plate and in this current economic situation this is something we really need to keep alive and working.

Tablet is a childhood favourite and if you can find someone who has really mastered this it is one of the best sweet treats worldwide! You can simply eat on its own or in ice-cream, cheesecake or alongside a fresh cup of locally grown tea from the Scottish Tea Factory outside Crieff. 

Cranachan is a traditional desert which is again a marmite love or hate moment. It is traditionally used to celebrate the harvest in June and is made with raspberries, oats and whisky. This can be found in many restaurants and eateries all over Scotland and is really worth even once tasting. 

There are of course so many local products that we could go on forever, however these are the main ones we feel you would enjoy. Of course Irn Bru, The Strathearn Cheese Company and all the Whisky distilleries should also be on your list but these will give you a great starting point for your campervan holiday with us.

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