Top tips to Motorhoming in Scotland with Kids

Top tips to Motorhoming in Scotland with Kids

by Scottish Tourer November 06, 2023

A family motorhome holiday is all about the adventure, Scotland has so much to offer families, my children have always enjoyed getting away and exploring what Scotland has to offer, there is something here for everyone whether your looking for an action packed adventure or a more relaxed holiday - Scotland will not diappoint.  i have put together some of my top tiops for when travelling with children, see our route planner here ...

When is the best time to go?

This part is super simple, anytime at all that suits your family. Kids really don’t care about the weather and they will have a fantastic time regardless. The old saying “there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing”. This is so true, we just ensure that we always have a pair of waterproofs stashed in the motorhome for all eventualities. The joy of Scotland is no matter the time of year there are so many places to visit and the time of the year can often enhance your experience. 

Family enjoting time with motorhome

Where to Go? 

This is also really simple, children are happy anywhere they feel connected and validated. Get down to their level, play in the sand, splash in the water, build forts, explore and let go of the worries we carry as adults. I often try to remember when we go to say “no” i ask myself why i'm saying no and as a child would i have wanted that answer. If it’s because they will get sandy before bed, let go of that and give them a quick dunk in the sea or a shower and embrace the sand! 


  • Arasaig holds some huge fond memories of my own childhood and the beach is no different now. It is such a tranquil place to be. The beach is truly remarkable, the white sand, the water, the rock areas and often you will find you have the place to yourself. You can choose to utilise the campsite here at Sunnyside Croft and its got everything you need to empty toilets, refill water and let the children run and burn off energy. Just down the road visit Mallaig which also has some beautiful beach spots especially by the River Morar. 
  • The isle of Skye is a remarkable island, the trip across the bridge and the magic of the fairie pools will allow you to all explore and find your outdoor enthusiasm. Kids can run, jump and play, paddle and even take a swim in the cold water, join them and you will feel the benefits almost instantly! 
  • Aviemore has so much to do for everyone if you feel you need more of a structured holiday, from swimming, indoor soft play, highland wildlife park, play parks and lots of places to eat and explore. Loch Morlich provides water sports and tree top adventures alongside the ability to go to the deer centre.

Fairy house at the bottom of a tree

What to Take? 

We have found that packing a little rucksack that they don’t know about is the best way. This way everything is contained and you don’t have excess belongings. We have found over the years that kids don’t actually need loads to entertain them. We usually include,

  • Pens and paper, or colouring in, activity books. These keep ours entertained for hours, challenging them and yourself to draw what you see or what you would like to do. 
  • Fidget toy, we love the rubix cube or a pop it, these can help when feeling sick, bored or anxious. We try to pick one or two that they haven’t played with for a while so its almost like its new. 
  • Collapsible bucket, now this is clever as it not only has it’s uses for building sandcastles but also as a travel sick bucket! 
  • A favourite teddy, everyone likes a bit of home away from home and a teddy that smells of home is a real comfort to children. 
  • Stickers! The more the merrier, we try and get fun ones that you wouldn’t normally get at home so they are more interested in them. 
  • Lego boxes, we have little travel ones that they can build on the top of. They are handy as they have a handle so are easy to take out and about for dinner, to the beach or to play with in the motorhome in the evenings. 
  • Card games, we love the travel guess who, what can you see or a simple snap game. These are all really interactive and can be played anywhere by all ages. It’s a great way to incorporate where you are and the kids are learning without realising it. 
  • Scooters or bikes, helmets, whatever you have the space for. Ours love either however will always reach for their bikes over a scooter. 

Family feeding deer outside motorhome

In summary, keep it simple, try not to over think things and remember, kids being bored at times is actually a good thing to ignite there imagination, if they are struggling get down to their level and give them ideas, make a treasure hunt on a piece of paper, get some chalk and make a hopscotch, go shell hunting, crab hunt or play hide and seek! Children value your time and attention more than belongings and money and sometimes in life this is missing. Most of all enjoy your time away and embrace the step away into nature. 



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