Whisky in Scotland

Whisky in Scotland

by Scottish Tourer October 26, 2023

Now it is well known the stories of how much us Scottish people love whisky and most think this is a myth or is over exaggerated. However nothing quite beats the knowledge of a good whisky, the smell and the effort that goes into every bottle. It is something here in Scotland that we should all be very proud of and those who visit us via Scottish Tourer should embrace on their journey and holiday. There are distilleries dotted all over Scotland so wherever you choose to go there will be one nearby. They host a lovely atmosphere and the opportunity to learn from history and look into the future of each one you visit. However if you don’t believe us we challenge you to go and explore!

Scottish tourer motorhome outside the Talisker Distllery

Why visit the distilleries?

Scotland is beautiful, there is no denying this, the natural beauty, the people and the coastlines are to name a few that add and expand this beauty. Travelling by motor home means you get up close and personal and you can experience several of the distilleries and learn that no two whiskys are the same or can ever be. After you have visited there is nothing quite like parking up, having a BBQ and watching the sunset with a local whisky to sample. 

There are around 70 distilleries with visitor centres dotted all over the mainland and the islands, they vary in size, amount of production and of course all tell their own story about their history and the future of their productions. We personally love the Talisker Distillery on the Isle of Skye and the tour here is fantastic. Or why not pop into the Blair Athol Distillery on your way up the A9, the bonus of this one is the carpark is easily accessible to motorhomes. 

  • Each distillery usually offers a tour, which can either be guided or self guided. We do recommend you go on at least one guided tour to gain an insight into the production and manufacture of whisky and its development over the years. Here you get to see the beginning, middle and end product usually ending in the shop where you can buy the fantastic produce. 
  • Visiting each distillery gives you a chance to meet those local people who have embraced the distilling process and they love to share their experiences and knowledge. The nature of a true Scots in one of warmth and welcoming alongside the honesty. 
  • Follow the trails, there are two main trails already established in Scotland for exploring Whisky, the Malt and the Hebridean Trail. https://www.scottishtourer.co.uk/holiday/whisky-trail is a link to our detailed trail which is really helpful if your unsure on which distillery will suit your needs. 
  • Whisky May

One final comment and not to put a dampner on your whisky touring but please remember not to drink and drive, take the bottle back to the motorhome and enjoy it while relaxing outside watching the sunset.

Sunsetting over a loch


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