Why Motorhome in Scotland?

Why Motorhome in Scotland?

by Scottish Tourer August 03, 2019

Why motorohome is Scotland is a good question but Scotland is truly a special place being voted “the most beautiful country in the world” by the readers of roughguides.com.   With so much to offer for everyone from the loch ness monster , unique music, famous scots poets, castles, stone circles and breath-taking scenery there is so much to be explored. 

You can absorb yourself in all the wonders Scotland has to offer by travelling wherever your heart takes you freely without feeling tied down.  Our Scottish Tourer Motorohmes are fully adapted for wild camping allowing you the freedom to chose the perfect wild camp spot and enjoy the peace, tranquillity and wildlife in the evenings.

Wild camping with Scottish Tourer Motorhome Hire

A history which is complex and fasanating there is something here in Scotland for everyone.  There have been tribal Celts and face-painted picts.  Then roman conquerors and Vikings.  Scotland is full of fallen monarchs, explorers and inventors.  Each one has left behind a legacy and signs of their presence.

Visit the Standing stones with a scottish tourer motorhome

  • Scotland has many mysterious standing stone circles . The purpose and meaning on these still remains a mystery today . Many are believed to have been for religious purposes but archaeologists simply do not know for sure. If you plan to visit the islands Orkney and Shetland have lots of these fantastic sites to visit.  
  • Once you begin to immerse yourself in the Scottish history you will come across the Jacobite risings. This has often been romanticised in stories over the years but when you visit the site of the battle of culloden you will learn this changed not only communities but also the infrastructure of the Scottish highlands forever.
  • Scotland has many castles that are worth a visit. https://www.visitscotland.com/see-do/attractions/castles/highlands-itinerary/ has a fantastic guide of some of the best castles to visit during your trip to Scotland. 
  • If a whiskey trail is more your thing head over to our guide on our website which gives extensive information and where to visit. https://www.scottishtourer.co.uk/holiday/whisky-trail
  • Time your visit right and watch one of the many highland games events. They are all build around traditional highland sports including caber toss, tug o’ war, hammer throw, highland dancing and music. They usually have stalls of locally sourced produce and homemade crafts. 

Battle of Culloden


Why choose a motorhome to tour scotland? 

With so much to offer all spread out over the country, make the most of your trip. Don’t miss anything you have on your bucket list. And you don’t need to give up your luxury, hire one of our 5* motorhomes which will offer all your home comforts, so you are free to come and go whenever and wherever you choose travelling in comfort and luxuary.  We have extensive experience of wild camping and are happy to offer you advice on some of the best places to wild camp and places to visit or follow one of our planned routes designed by us so completley motorohme friendly.  

Variety is the spice of life and everyone is completely different.  As a result we have a variety of motorhomes to suit everyone. Whether you are a couple wanting a retreat away, a family looking for adventure or anything in between we will have something to meet your needs. Don’t miss out on your best holiday yet in Scotland, contact us at https://[email protected]



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