The Kelpies by Falkirk

The Kelpies by Falkirk

by Scottish Tourer August 31, 2019

The Kelpies are located in Falkirk's Helix Park.  

The Helix Park is a vast 350 hectares of recreational green land. Within the park, you will find something for everyone, including, a visitors' centre, gift shop, café, exhibitions, play park for the children, splash play and miles of cycle paths. It’s safe to say you certainly won't struggle to fill your day when out and about in Falkirk! 

The Kelpies themselves are huge 30metre structures that sit above the Forth and Clyde Canal, forming an impressive gateway to the canal.  

The Kelpies were created by Scottish sculptor, Andy Scott and have to be seen to be truly appreciated.  Not only can you walk around the outside and appreciate the sheer size of these giant horse heads but you are now able to get up close and go inside via a personalised tour.  

The Kelpies at the Helix Park Falkirk

Parking a motorhome at The Kelpies car park 

Fortunately, The Kelpies car park has ample space for parking, making it a perfect destination to visit during your motorhome tour of Scotland.  

In fact, you can even stay in The Kelpies car park overnight for a small fee!  

Located conveniently just off the M9, you can add The Kelpies park to your route stop with minimal disruption. It would make a perfect stop off when leaving Edinburgh or visiting the city of Stirling. The Kelpies park would also work well as a stop-off for those heading north toward Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park.


Why were The Kelpies built? 

The Kelpies represent the horse-powered heritage in central Scotland. They are not simple structures, and once you have stepped inside you can truly appreciate the complexity and the incredible engineering which went into these monuments. 

Although looking like giant horseheads, Kelpies are actually mythical Scottish creatures that live in the water. Legend has it that they could shapeshift into a horse when venturing out onto land. They would use their horse-like appearance to entice innocent humans to ride on their backs before carrying them to an early watery grave. 


The Kelpies park by the canal at Falkirk

Some Key Facts

The Kelpies are not just a monument. They represent fantastic Scottish engineering at its finest. The Kelpies highlight the brilliance of the sculptor and the builders who erected both in just 90 days back in 2013! 

  • Making up each of the two structures are 18000 individual pieces. They were built with structural steel with stainless steel cladding. 

  • Each of the Kelpies weighs 300 tonnes but despite the weight and volume these structures are fluid and have a magical life to them. They sit on 1200 tonnes of foundations and have 1.5 miles of steel in each structure. 

  • These magnificent marvels of art standing at 100 feet tall are not only available to view in daylight but truly unique when viewed at night. Many come back twice just to appreciate their beauty.


What else is there at The Kelpies Park?

The Helix Park offers more than just The Kelpies. It’s a beautiful location and one that can be enjoyed by all the family. Some of the highlights of The Kelpies park include:  

  • Let the kids and big kids burn off some energy at the adventure play park and splash zone.  Be sure to pack a spare change of clothes in your motorhome!

  • If you have hired bikes or brought your own be sure to check out the vast cycle paths within the park.

  • Get on the water and test out your skills in a kayak or pedalo. 

  • Make the most of the visitors centre for a keepsake and enjoy a bite to eat in the café.

Near to The Kelpies you also have the famous Falkirk Wheel. Another excellent spot to check out on your campervan holiday in Scotland! 

Kids play area at the kelpies Park in Falkirk


Why visit The Kelpies with a Scottish Tourer Motorhome?  


Make the most of being able to travel with your mobile hotel and enjoy all that Falkirk has to offer with the freedom to come and go as you please.  

Spend a day at The Kelpies and then wildcamp in the car park for a small fee. That way you can enjoy the stunning sight of The Kelpies lit up in the evening with no one else around! 

With a motorhome from Scottish Tourer, there is no need to rush home at the end of the day. You’ll have the flexibility of everything you need on board; from a toilet to a fully equipped kitchen to a comfy double bed, all in one convenient space! 

Contact the Scottish Tourer team today for more information on travelling Scotland by motorhome or to book your next campervan adventure in Scotland!  

The Kelpies lit up at night

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