What can we cook in a motorhome?

What can we cook in a motorhome?

by Scottish Tourer April 14, 2020

We are a family business and travel with our own children as often as we can and we can appreciate eating out every night, although enjoyable does become extremely expensive, “what can we cook when away in the motorhome?” is a popular question we are regularly asked and luckily for you, the list is endless. The motorhome comes equipped with everything you need to prepare a meal.  All our Motorhomes come with a good sized fridge/ice box, a gas 3 gas burner cooker, grill/oven, microwave and barbeque as standard, plus have plenty cupboard space for storing snacks, packets and tins of your staple store cupboard ingrediants. 

Sunset enjoying a BBQ with scottish tourer Motorhome Hire

So the most important question is what shall we cook?

When i go away with the family we try and think ahaed and make a rough meal planner, so im not randomly emptying my kitchen cupboard into the motorhome - think ahead and take only what you need.  If you are travelling with children, why not allow them to help plan meals with you for everyone to eat, this way they can feel more involved and you can enjoy hassle free meals together as a family.

Below we’ve listed some suggestions.


  • Plan ahead and decide a favourite cereal that suits all travelling before you start, this saves you having to take a different kind for everyone and saves space in the motorhome. 
  • Use the frying pan provided and make some fresh pancakes, the only question for you is .. what topping to have with them? 
  • If your more of a fry up kind of person there is always the option to stop at the shop and pick up some local sourced sausages, bacon, eggs etc. Why not pick up some fresh black pudding and haggis and try a full Scottish breakfast. 

Kitchen with a Motorhome


  • Like breakfast keeping it simple and picking the same sandwich fillers saves having to take lots of different ones and saves space for other essentials in the fridge.
  • Stopping at local markets/bakers will allow you to collect some home-made bread, rolls, pies etc for a quick, filling tasty lunch.
  • If the weather isn’t on your side and you want something warm to heat you up, bringing some soup along to put into the cupboards/fridge is an easy option for you.

picnic at the loch with scottish tourer motorhome Hire


  • If the weather is on your side, pick up some locally sourced meats from the butchers or visit the greengrocer for a vegetarian option and sit outside and enjoy a family BBQ, the picnic table and chairs in the garage make its easy to prepare a big bowl of salad and crusty bread and sit back and enjoy.   .
  • Have some home cooked sauces made before you travel that can be put into the fridge/freezer, this way you can cook some pasta add the sauce and you can enjoy a homely meal that doesn’t take long to cook. 
  • If travelling with children, the ice box is perfect size for chicken nuggets, fish fingers etc that you can simply just put into the oven like you do at home and this allows you to feed them then you can enjoy something more spceial like seafood from the local fishmonger or if your really luck maybe directly from the fisherman themself at the harbour.  

Above are just a few quick and simple ideas when it comes to cooking in the motorhome, of course depending on what you like to eat and what you enjoy cooking this can be adapted to suit you.  We believe strongly that a motorohme should be about being able to enjoy quality family time together and although chores are inevitable they should be made as easy and as simple as possible and hopefully this blog will help you plan ahead making cooking in the motorhome a pleasure rather than a chore.  We have lots of knowledge when it comes to cooking within the motorhome and lucky enough Corinne is a fantastic cook and has plenty recepies she would be happy to share - below is a picture of Lobsters she rustled up for dinner after speaking to the fisherman at the harbour.  

We think a motorhome holiday is one of the best ways to see the scottish coutryside and have put together lots of helpful blogs and holiday planning ideas to make your holiday memorable for all the right reasons, see our website for more information or our blog section for more usefult hints and tips https://www.scottishtourer.co.uk/blog

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