Budget Friendly Motorhome Hire Tips

Budget Friendly Motorhome Hire Tips

by Scottish Tourer April 15, 2020

Motorhome holidays can be one of the most freeing and budget friendly ways of being able to enjoy a holiday when compared to staying in a holiday cottage or B&B, and with the latest technology in Motorhomes you are not disappointed, in fact they are every bit as luxurious as a hotel room.  We have put together some hints and tips to allow you to stick to your budget and be able to relax and fully enjoy your motorhome holiday without being worried about blowing your budget in the first few days.


Choosing a motorhome allows you the freedom to move about and not be restricted to be in a certain place at a certain time giving you the freedom to go and stay wherever you choose, if you are enjoying the location you are in why not stay another night or if you have explored enough move on to the next location.  When you book a self-catering cottage or B&B you are restricted to the location you have chosen to stay and exploring further afield can be a whole days trip and can involve a few hours drive to go from A to B, not to mention the cost of fuel and the cost of eating out on the day trip. 

What to expect from the Motorhome

The biggest outlay you have will be the cost of the hire of the motorhome itself but please remember this will be your home (for sleeping, cooking and relaxing in) as well as your mode of transport for the next 7 days.  Motorhomes today come very well equipped with everything you need, in the kitchen you have your microwave, gas hob oven and grill, fridge/freezer so you can easily rustle up a bite to eat, the beds are already made up so at bedtime its as simple as turning out the light and cuddling down, the bathroom has a flushable toilet, shower and sink with storage for all your toiletries. 

As well as the basic necessities we kit our vehicles out with a Wi-Fi hub, sat nav pre-programmed with lots of useful information and all our motorhomes have a tv/dvd system so if you do find you have a rainy night and can’t enjoy the outdoors then you can snuggle up with a movie.  We include the BBQ, picnic table and chairs in our hire price so there are no nasty surprises when you come to collect the motorhome.  For more information on our motorhomes see our website where you will find a full range of motrohomes https://www.scottishtourer.co.uk/

How to Keep the cost down

The average cost of a campsite is £25, we would recommend you try wild camping which is free camping, unless, we appreciate when keeping to a budget £25 a night for 7 nights would be a cost of £175 which is alot of money if your sticking to a budget - or do alternate night on site and wuild camping.  We prefer to wild camp, we like to try and find a quiet location by a loch or beach and enjoy getting the windows open and enjoy the fresh air and sounds of the beach.  The sat nav supplied has been pre-programmed with wild camp spots, places to empty the chemical waste and places to top up with fresh water so you don’t need to worry about where to stay or refreshing your water supplies.  Please remember to be respectful to the area you choose to stay and follow some simple wild camping tips https://www.scottishtourer.co.uk/blog/2018/11/24/wild-camping-tips-scotland

Meal Preperation

Eating out every night can be expensive although enjoyable we tend to look at our route and choose to eat out every other night so we can pick our favourite restaurants to eat at and then look forward to our meal and enjoy it.  The other nights we will stop at the local butcher or greengrocer and buy a nice steak and salad and enjoy a bbq the nights were not eating out, if were really lucky and we are near a fishing village we will speak to the locals and try and find a fishmonger or local fisherman who might have something spare for us to cook up.  Its so easy to warm a bowl of soup and have soup and a sandwich or a salad at the motorhome for lunchtime however if we have found a good butcher we will buy some breakfast items and enjoy a full cooked Scottish breakfast with some haggis or black pudding that is sure to keep you going right through the day.  For more hints and tips on meal preperation see our blog https://www.scottishtourer.co.uk/blog/2020/04/14/what-can-we-cook-in-a-motorhome

Days out

Days out with the kids (or without) can cost a fortune but again I would encourage to look ahead or see some of our route planners and plan ahead so your not guilt tripped in to spending money in the adventure park – there is so much to see and do that is free such as a cycle run round a loch – the picture below is of myself and the kids cycling round loch Morlich then playing on the beach before we head back to the motorhome where we enjoy a picnic lunch. 

We are lucky to have so many wonderful National Trust for Scotland sites where you can learn more about Scotland’s heritage and culture without spending a fortune.  Not to mention our beautifully clean beaches and woodland walks so you don’t need to spend  fortune of finding things to do with a little forward planning you can still balance days out doing more expensive activities such as boat trip’s wildlife spotting or kayaking with a few more relaxed days and enjoy a day at the beach or a cycle run but having just as much fun.

Scotland is rich in heritage, culture and famous for its beautiful scenery. This is what makes Scotland such a fantastic place to visit on your next family holiday, there is something for all ages to enjoy and whether you’re an adrenaline enthusiast or looking to enjoy the culture and heritage of Scotland. 

A motorhome holiday does not have to cost a fortune if you can plan and think ahead, the motorhome will provide you with an ideal base to travel and tour round Scotland with plenty space for all the family, there is plenty space in the lounge area for relaxing with tv/dvds or playing some family board games/cards so nobody is bored if the weather is poor, with comfortable beds everyone is sure of a goodnights sleep for their next day’s adventure. For more infornation please contact us on 01738 580755 or email at info@scottishtourer.co.uk








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