Thinking about motorhome hire?

Thinking about motorhome hire?

by Scottish Tourer April 14, 2020

Following recent events there is more reason now than ever to take stalk and realise how lucky we are and how little we travel in our home country. We are always looking to get away to warmer shores however for many of us there is a bit of hesitation for travelling abroad maybe your in the at risk group when it comes to your health, money is tight because of wage cuts at work, your apprehensive about travelling abroad or simply just want to avoid the airport.  Motorhome hire is the solution allowing you to have a holiday without the risk of travelling abroad.

Scottish tourer motorhome hire

We have a breath takingly beautiful countryside right on our door step and a motorhome is the ideal way to explore this, a motorhome is a hotel room on wheels and allows you to get to areas of the countryside you wouldn’t visit if you were relying on B&B and the car, it allows you the freedom to travel without being limited to a daily check in times and check out.


Scotish tourer motorhome Hire

Below are some questions we get asked when people are looking into motorhome hire for the first time and hopefully this will help alleviate some of your worries and concerns about hiring for the first time.

Who we are?

Scottish tourer is a small family friend business who have been luck enough to develop a hobby into a business and have over 30 years’ experience in travelling around Scotland in our own motorhome and have lots of routes and hints and tips to help make your holiday memorable.  

I’ve never hired a motorohme before!

The majority of our customers have never hired before so do not let that put you off, we will guide you every step off the way and were always available 24-7 over the telephone when you have the motorhome should you need help or support.  

I only have a Standard Car License.

All of our motorhomes are under 3500kg so can be driven on a standard car license and providing you have no more than 6 points on your licence and are aged between 25-75 years I foresee no issues being able to get insurance for you.  We appreciate a lot of our customers have never driven larger vehicles before and spend time on the day you come to collect to you some hints and tips to keep you and the motorhome safe and put your mind at ease.

What do we need to bring?

The motorhome is basically a hotel room on wheels and if you add a bedding and towel pack onto your hire all you will need to pack will be your clothes for the week as everything else is included in the price there is no hidden extras with us.  

Barra Motorhome

Where can we go?

We are very lucky in Scotland and we have the most beautiful countryside to explore, we have motorhome routes that we have developed ourself and they will take you round the west coast, East coast and the Outer Hebrides.  There’s an abundance of place’s you can visit and there is something for everyone in Scotland, visit our exploring Scotland tab on our website for more travel ideas

What will we do?

Scotland can cater for everyone so If you’re an adrenaline junkie you can take part in water sports or hill walk/mountain climb if you prefer a more leisurely lifestyle there is plenty of gardens and castles you can explore –  if you’re travelling with children we have lots of hints and tips on keeping them entertained – see our website for more information and places to visit

children playing on the beach

Do I need to make beds up every night?

No, all of our motorhomes have standard double beds which are built up all the time so no need to worry about converting the living room in to a bedroom, the beds are supplied with duvely mattresses which is a memory foam based mattress so very comfortable allowing you to get a goodnight sleep. 

How often do we need to stay on a campsite?

We kit our motorhomes so they are wild camp friendly meaning you don’t need to worry about haven to stay on a campsite at all unless you prefer too, the sat nav will help navigate you to wild camp spots, places to fill up with fresh water and places to empty the chemical waste.

What is wild camping? 

Wild camping is free camping and is perfectly legal in Scotland but please be mindful of where you park and remember when you leave there should be no trace you were ever there see our blog for more information

Scottish Tourer wild camp site

How will we know where to stay?

We enjoy wild camping and like to find an idyllic spot at the edge of the beach or a loch, we have put together a list of wild camp spots and have them pre-programmed them into the sat nav supplied with the motorhome so you will be sure to find a nice spot for overnight.

How much will it cost?

The hire of the motorhome depending on the season you choose to travel in but starts from £825 per week up to £1250 per week – there is no hidden charges everything is included in the cost – fully comprehensive insurance for one driver, BBQ, picnic table and chairs, sat nav etc.  Some of our customers choose to take advantage of our bedding and towel packs or bike hire amongst other things.  

How do I book?

Please contact us at or call us on 01738 580755 and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have on motorhome hire.  

For more information on hiring a motorhome please don’t hesitate to contact us we have lots of useful hints and tips to ensure you enjoy your holiday touring Scotland.  

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