Motorhome Touring in Scotland in the Autumn

Motorhome Touring in Scotland in the Autumn

by Scottish Tourer April 21, 2020

Scotland is not known for its glorious weather. It's true that we have our fair share of wet weather but this is what makes our landscape so rugged and beautiful. Into Autumn and throughout the winter we don’t often get temperatures below freezing and the climate is mild enough that with a cosy jacket you can still go out and enjoy the countryside, so don’t let the weather put you off touring Scotland in a motorhome! Seeing Scotland in Autumn and in the winter months is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful times of the year. 

To help motorhome enthusiasts, Scottish Tourer has put together this short guide on how to make the most of touring Scotland in a motorhome during Autumn and into the winter. 


Autumn & Winter in Scotland

Scotland is a magical place, you can experience different weather in one day, regardless of what time of year you travel.

The one thing that is guaranteed at any time of the year is that the weather will not always be on your side. This is not something that should put you off, however. What better view to open the motorhome door too than blue skies, with a crisp frost beneath foot and fresh snow on mountain tops?

In the spring, you have the trees coming into blossom and daffodils by the roadside. Autumn offers a beautiful array of colours and is perhaps the most spectacular season of them all. No matter what time of year you choose to visit Scotland by campervan, you'll be met with a fresh perspective and natural beauty that is hard to get anywhere else. 

visit Scotland in the spring in a motorhome

I'm sure that all sounds great, but we know what you are thinking; a motorhome in the Autumn or Winter will be far too cold! You might be questioning, "What will we do, where can we go and will the motorhome be able to keep us cosy?!".

Well, rest assured as this blog is aimed at reassuring you that Autumn and Winter are wonderful times to visit Scotland by motorhome, and a motorhome or campervan from Scottish Tourer will be sufficient to keep you warm and cosy despite the harsh weather.

Keeping Warm in a Motorhome in Autumn

Wondering how to keep warm in your motorhome during the Autumn and Winter? Check out our top tips below:

  • All our motorhomes available for hire have Grade 3 thermal insulation this ensures the motorhome can be kept at a temperature of up to 20 degrees inside even when outdoor temperatures drops as low as -15 degrees. The easy operated digital panel allows you to control both the heating and hot water, ensuring the van is kept warm when you need it to be.
  •  Appropriate clothing is essential, my granny use to tell me “it’s not the weather that’s the problem, it’s you who is badly dressed for the weather”.  All motorhomes have storage, so remember to pack the thick winter jacket, warm boots and cosy socks. (hats, scarfs and gloves are a bonus to) - if you do get wet, don’t worry you can hang them on a coat hanger and let things dry off in the bathroom so they are dry for later.  
  • Why not add on our bedding package? With sheets, pillows, and a warm duvet, your sorted for keeping warm at night, this also saves you having to worry about washing and drying bedding at the end of your holiday – just leave all that to us.

keeping warm in a cost motorhome in the autumn

What To Do in a Motorhome in the Autumn?

Whether you're looking for a holiday to explore and relax as a couple, or your bringing along a family and need to keep young ones entertained the winter season doesn’t need to put you off.

  • There are 5 ski resorts in Scotland; see our route planner for lots of extra information. This makes winter is a fantastic time to visit as Scotland has some fantastic Winter sports facilities.
  • If this doesn’t interest you there are lots of beautiful local spots to focus on some photography, sight-seeing and many nature walks, a lot of the wildlife come down from the higher ground to eat as food is limited due to snow.
  • You could also take advantage of our bike hire, there is some fantastic cycle paths in Scotland – don’t forget to pack a flask for midway and enjoy a coffee and a slice of cake as you take in the surroundings.
  • The motorhome itself has lots of indoor space to enjoy some indoor time in the evening, there is plenty lounge space to keep cosy and cuddle up watching some dvds, or playing some board games/cards together, don’t forget there is wifi as well.  
  • If your feeling organised, why not begin Christmas shopping? Starting in November many places in Scotland have fantastic Christmas markets, this gives you the opportunity to pick up lots of local, handmade gifts and also some keepsakes from your break away.
  • Visiting a Whiskey/Gin distillery, again this could be used as gifts or purchasing some for yourselves to enjoy along the way on your holiday. 
  • If its dry get out the binoculars and a warm blanket and beginning searching the skies for Scotlands Northern Lights you could get out the BBQ out and toast some marshmallows and finish with a hot chocolate to warm you up before bed.

Where To Go and Stay in Your Motorhome During Winter

Scottish Tourer has created many routes and guides for our motorhome customers. One of our most popular routes is our west coast route and it is one of our personal favourites as well. It has been designed by us so is entirely motorhome friendly and has received quality feedback from many of our customers

We appreciate that not all campsites are open in the winter months but all our motorhomes are kitted out ready for Wildcamping, and the sat nav (included in the cost of the hire) has been pre-programmed with wild camp spots, places to empty the chemical waste and fill up with fresh water.  

However, many sites all over Scotland are open all year round and if you are deciding to stay on a motorhome site during the Autumn or Winter you may benefit from low season prices. So, don’t worry, you will not be stuck for somewhere to camp overnight when touring in a campervan or motorohome during the Autumn or Winter. 

When choosing to book a winter motorhome you don’t need to worry about staying warm as the motorhome is very well equipped. You will need to forward think, however, so remember to make a rough itinerary before you leave in order to know what campsites and activities will be open.

To get a taste for motorhome travel in the winter, please see a review below from David Rooke and his family who hired an Islay motorhome from us in the Easter holidays and, as you can see from their photo, they did get some heavy Scottish snow but still managed to have a fabulous holiday touring Scotland in a motorhome in winter. 


The Rooke Family's Review Of A Snowy Motorhome Adventure


motorhome Hire in the winter


10/10 to Scottish Tourer for their excellent service! With the easter school holidays approaching and 2 children to entertain for the week I thought I would try and combine my daughter's enthusiasm for camping and nature and the boy's growing interest in vehicles and all things mechanical by renting a motorhome and taking them away for a week. Thursday evening before our trip was due to start the motorhome I had rented from another company was cancelled due to breakdown. The children had told all their friends and teachers of the plan and were super excited. They had packed their bags, folded sleeping bags and had grand plans. A quick internet search led me to Scottish Tourers who advertised that their lines were open until 9pm. I phoned up an hoped for the best. Corrine answered and explained she was in a restaurant in Spain but not to worry as Dawn would be available back in Scotland. Sympathetic to my last minute crisis Dawn and the team were superb and organising one of their Islay homes at short notice. Problem solved to my huge relief.

The motorhome was new when we collected it (14miles on it I think) and so was immaculate. Handover was detailed and helpful and the intuitive nature of the vehicle made life very straightforward. These homes as as advertised - i.e. setup for off grid camping and we were encouraged to look at the sat nav provided for wild camping spots and other facilities. There was enough water / power and LPG for several days away from a campsite or electric hookup and it made touring around the highlands a doddle. When we did stop in a campsite it was so easy to top up and drain fluids and charge up the batteries although I think with the solar panels and a good drive most days this wasn't actually required.

Other highlights were - excellent heating - it was a cold easter week with temperatures of about 4 degrees with a foot of snow on Tuesday and a -7 overnight freeze on Wednesday. The LPG heater was quiet and effortless in keeping us all warm and at no point did we notice the low outside temperatures once inside. The positioning of the heater vents made drying coats / boots etc filled with snow really easy also.

Refillable LPG tanks via the pump at a suitable petrol station is a great idea - especially in a cold Scottish psuedo-spring. It meant no hauling of heavy tanks or disconnecting regulators.

The large showeroom and toilet which made helping the children out much easier. A full size bed at knee height and at the back of the home with a dividing curtain - again excellent for the children - let me put them to sleep and sit up front without disturbing them.

Excellent support - Gordon (as promised) answered his 'phone at 8pm one evening when I needed a wee helping hand.

Our deposit was refunded super speedily when we reluctantly gave the home back along with a cheerful email to confim.

We had an excellent time and would reccommend Scottish Tourers without hesitation. A genuinely perfect service.

Thanks so much guys

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