Top 10 tips for motorhome living

Top 10 tips for motorhome living

by Scottish Tourer March 15, 2022

Often people are daunted by the thought of living in a motorhome even for a holiday. So we thought with our experiences we could share with you some of the things we have came across over the years to make your life easier and avoid some of the mishaps and mistakes we have encountered. Although I should say that often these mishaps are a topic brought up and ends in laughter and some darker humour at times. I for example still struggle to find where we are on a map! 


Scottish tourer motorhome fully equipped with solar panel, bike rack, reverse camera and awning


  1. Its always an idea to rent the motorhome if you are looking at buying. There are few reasons behind this. Firstly this allows you to sample what you think you would like to buy, this allows you to also see fist hand how everything works and have advise on hand if you are unsure about anything. If you are considering buying one of our fleet please let us know when you are booking. Secondly this can allow you to see what you really want in your own motorhome. Sometimes its easy to shop on the rail if you like but when you get it home you begin to see others that you think would have been better, it is a lot of money to spend on something and you want to get it right first time around. Thirdly you can get a feel for a holiday away in a motorhome if you have never been before and think it is something that you would like to be able to do as and when you like. It allows you to have the guidance before flying solo. 
  2. You do not need everything you use at home. Yes we really mean it you don’t need that smoothie machine, 5 blankets and all the utensils from the kitchen. Pack lightly so you are not surrounded by belongings and unable to move and enjoy your space and time away. 
  3. Considering size is vital , why you might add, is bigger not better? Not always this depends on where and what you want to do. A larger motorhome in length makes navigating round small narrow roads more challenging and again we have seen many add trailers onto the back which adds a whole new length on. Consider where it is you want to be going on your holiday and this should help guide you as to which motorhome will be best. Will you spend most of your time inside or outside? Are you going off the beaten track? Will you be soley wild camping? 
  4. Wild camping isn’t scary , its so relaxing, easy and peaceful. The first time we wild camped I remember thinking we would awake to a police car telling us to move on. But with some guidance on where you can and cannot park up and our handy sat nav you will soon become a dab hand at finding somewhere to park up. You have everything on board and if its peace and quiet you are after you will much prefer this to a campsite. 
  5. Planning ahead is essential , for a smooth sailing trip away. Plan what you may eat instead of shopping aimlessly as you will find you do not have the same space as you do at home. Planning meals is simple and then takes the stress out of mealtimes especially if you have children away with you. 
  6. Route planning may seem a bore however again it makes life much easier and ensures you get to enjoy your time away rather than panicking you are running out of time or rushing off to the next attraction. We have lots of route plans available on our website for you to see which area would be suitable for your party.
  7. Pack the motorhome thinking about what you will need and when. If you do have quite a lot of belongings it’s a good idea to put things you don’t need daily at the back of the cupboards or have a separate cupboard for these items. You don’t want to be pulling out an entire cupboard full of things to get a pair of socks. 
  8. Keeping on top of cleaning sounds dull and not what you want on a holiday. But when you are living in an enclosed space it is so easy to keep your space clean by giving surfaces a wipe and the floors a sweep atleast once a day. It makes for a less stressful holiday if you do dishes after they have been sued than coming back to a motorhome full of dishes before you can make your next meal. 
  9. Having some activities up your sleeve can be useful for rainy days. These don’t have to be extravagant but a way to pass the day should your plans go amiss. For example some colouring books, a treasure hunt, card games, board games, DVDs, books, bubbles or be well prepared to be out in all weathers and pack appropriately for these wet days. 
  10. Don’t take lots of small pieces. This is something we learned the hard way, jigsaws are great as long as they are larger pieces, same goes for lego, no one wants to be searching for pieces all day long. Planning what toys, activities you take is key to keeping the stress levels down and the enjoyment up. 

Scottish Tourer parked up by the loch side
This is a small list of things we have learned along the way. There are hundreds of tips that other will give you that like this blog may or may not be useful for you. However remember your holiday is to be enjoyed and with some preparation you can make it as enjoyable as possible. 

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