Why Rent a Campervan in Scotland? 

Why Rent a Campervan in Scotland? 

by Scottish Tourer June 28, 2023

There are so many reasons why renting from Scottish Tourer is an invaluable holiday and will give you some of the most wonderful memories. 

  • With one of our campervans you have freedom and flexibility that you simply cannot get with any other holiday. 
  • You can travel at your own pace, to your own agenda and yet not compromise on luxury. All our motorhomes are fully equipped with everything you could need and ensures you have that home from home experience.
  • Travelling in a campervan is a cost effective way to travel and see lots of different areas as you are not tied to accomodation, expensive transport and you don’t even need to be tied into campsites. 
  • The scenery is quite unbelievable and the campervan gives you the opportunity to explore all areas. 
  • Getting off the beaten path is one of our favourite parts of a campervan trip. You can access areas you cannot reach via public transport and some of these are the richest places in terms of beauty you will ever see. 


Places to Visit on the West Coast of Scotland 

The West Coast is stunning, picturesque and rich in culture. We have listed here a few that we have enjoyed over the past few years. 

  • Some of the fondest memories as a child always take me back to the Isle of Skye. There is something about crossing over that bridge and feeling like you have stepped into a Scottish Narnia. The dramatic coastlines, the friendly pubs, the animals and of course our favourite has to be those fairie pools. They are so magical and enchanting. The water is amazing for anyone who hasn’t tried some wild water dipping, here is the place to do it on a clear summers day. 
  • The Isle of Arran just off the west coast is our favourite island as a family to visit. There are biking trails, walking routes, animals, farm tours, playgrounds, history, amazing cheese and ice cream and the most delightful quirky shops. Just a short ferry trip and you reach this haven! 

  • We like to visit Oban on our way home from Arran and here you can go out on some lovely boat trips, walks along the harbour and you gain a beautiful view from the Pulpit Hill. There are some fantastic places to eat here and enjoy the locally sourced seafood along with the charming nature of this seaside town. 
  • Heading into the highlands Glen Coe is a majestic place surrounded by mountains. Here you can get your fresh air fix during the summer with hiking, cycling or simply enjoying that outside space. There are some outstanding breath-taking views which cannot be beaten when sitting outside. 
  • The Isle of Mull is a really enchanting little island. Here is a fabulous place to spot wildlife and learn about nature. The rugged coastline gives you the opportunity to watch for whales and seals from mainland or get on a boat and go on a tour. 

  • Fort William is getting more and more popular and is a great place to get that adrenaline feed. Here you can head up the mountain biking trails, hiking up the hill or hop on the Harry Potter train or head to the tubing. There is so much here to fill your days with and there are lots of fabulous takeaways here that will deliver to wherever you are wild camping which is a bonus for us as a treat!

If we head over to the South of Scotland there are lots of places to visit that are steeped in history and culture. Some of the places we have enjoyed are listed below but there are so many more please let us know where you have been so we can add to our lists!

  • Stirling is often a starting point for many of our customers before they come to Scottish Tourer and its no wonder with its rich heritage and the iconic Castle. There is the Wallace Monument which we would recommend you visit if you are in this area. The legacy and life of William Wallace is one that Scotland and the world which should never be forgotten in history.

  • Loch Lomond is famous the world over and the backdrop of the mountains its easy to see why. Here you can hit the water sports, get on a boat or simply embrace the area and enjoy the views engaging in some mindfulness. There are the most amazing forests here to relish and enjoy.
  • Culzean Castle is literally perched on a cliff overlooking the Firth of Clyde. This is a must on anyone who likes castles and history’s bucket list. The interior is breath-taking and the grounds are just wonderful. 
  • Galloway Forest Park is location to Scotlands Dark Sky Observatory and is a must for anyone interested in the nights sky. Its a beautiful place to spend an evening and its the most calming environments. Bird watching is really popular here and you can catch glimpses of wildlife up close and personal which is often a unique and memorable experience. 

Whether you are coming from the West or South or travelling there, there is an abundance of places to go and visit. There is literally something in every little corner of Scotland. Some of these are true hidden gems and are just waiting to be explored! So get yourself booked up with Scottish Tourer and start your next adventure! 

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